Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Why do Bangladeshi Film Directors Make Drama (Natok) Instead of Making Film?


Why do Bangladeshi directors intend to make short films, advertisements for multinational companies, short dramas (Natok) or telefilm instead of making full length movie?
Why do Bangladeshi Film Directors make Drama (Natok) Instead of Making Film?

Why do Bangladeshi directors intend to make short films, advertisements for multinational companies, short dramas (Natok) or telefilm instead of making full length movie?

Now a days, this age is the post modern age. New technology is invented for different purposes. Why Bangladeshi cinema halls are being stopped day by day? All things are happening not only for one cause but also many causes. One cause among them is the invention of new technology. Information technology is increasing rapidly day by day. Social media sites, oneline video streaming sites are the two important causes why the audiences don’t go to cinema halls. Why? Perhaps, easily they get movies on video streaming sites and another cause is the price of cinema hall ticket has been increased. So, they don’t want to cost any extra money on cinema hall ticket. On the other hand, they are getting movie on video streaming sites at a low price or on some websites at free. For example; on Hoichoi a subscriber can watch movie paying BDT 450or BDT 500 for one screen yearly and BDT 650 or BDT 700 for two screens yearly. So, why will they cost extra money on cinema hall tickets? Besides, they easily get information of any new released movie on social media or on news sites, TV channels. The inner state of our cinema hall is dusty and the authority does not clean it properly. But this not true for blockbuster or cine world cinema halls. They are neat and cleaned. Cinema halls situated in upazila or districts stay in dusty but the cine worlds and blockbuster cinema halls kept cleaned regularly. The local cinema halls remain unhealthily. Cine world cinema halls are not more than a small number. Actually, cinema halls situated in upazila and districts play the main role to bring the audiences in the cinema halls and help to withdraw the film making cost. Because, a number of local cinema halls are situated in upazila and district. So, only the cine world situated in Dhaka never can gather the film making cost in lieu of earning profit. At present most of the movies are not made with original story. Directors wait to get any Indian popular story or to remake any comedy or romantic actionable movie or movie scenes. But the directors are not conscious about that the audiences have already watched these films or remade scenes before. So, why will they watch this? There is lack of original idea among the Bangladeshi directors in film industry. Some people may oppose me about the matter. I swear, it is true that except some directors, all directors think film industry as business sector. They think, ‘if you invest, you will profit more and more.’ But thinking such a way is like thinking it as business sector. But film industry is not a business sector. Thinking like this is not wrong but their intention is wrong. When they will think it as artistic industry and will make original movie with original story and audiences will watch and will be pleased, it will be a business sector or business industry to them. So, ‘money begets money’ we ought to come out from this quotation. Another thing, directors must have to think that if they don’t make cinema, the audiences won’t stop watching cinema; they must watch another director’s original movie local or international. A lot of movies are being flopped ever year. So, many directors intend to make short film, advertisement for Product Company or drama (Natok) and telefilm instead of making full length movie. It is easy and low cost to make short films or drama. There are no difficult rules to release it on online video streaming sites or Television. Now, Bangladeshi short dramas are very popular in Kolkata, India, because of its availability on social media and video streaming sites. So, what to do? Cinema halls are being damaged; audiences are adverse from watching cinema in the halls. So, the directors must have alternative way to release any video. Social media like YouTube, Facebook and video streaming sites like Iflix, Hoichoi, Netflix, Boiscope or some other sites are only alternative ways to release any video. So, these are being very popular now a days. The audiences are getting the available movie near at their hand. They easily can select movie from sites, people at first read review about the movie and if they get bad review, they don’t watch it and if they get good review, they must watch it anyway from anywhere. Information technology has created this availability among us. It has broadened our mind and has increased our demands. Bangladeshi audiences easily can watch Korean, Japanese, English, Indian, Tamil, and Telugu, Kannada or Hindi language movies for they are very popular in Bangladesh by smart mobile phone or tablet or laptop or any kinds of smart devices. The audiences can judge about bad cinema and good cinema. So, Bangladeshi directors else cannot cope with the broadminded audiences. Many directors are bound to change their profession or someone directs short films, drama or advertisement for Product Company. This world is competitive and so the age. So, according to the demand of audiences every director must have to realize and make movies because they are the main product of film industry.