Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Dadar Kirti (1980) Bengali Romantic Drama Film

Dadar Kirti (1980) Movie Poster
Dadar Kirti (1980) Movie Poster

Dadar Kirti (1980) is an Indian Bengali Romantic Drama Film Director: Tarun Majumdar Story by: Sharadindu Banyopadhyay Screenplay: Tarun Marumjar, Arun Mukhopadhyay. 

Important Characters: 

Tapas Pal as Kedarnath  (phulda) 

Mahua Ray Chowdhury as Saraswati 

Debashree Roy as Beeni 

Ayan Banerjee as Santu 

Anup Kumar as Bhombolda


Kedarnath  with senile due to head injury cannot cope with Santu’s drama members, falls in love of Saraswati.

A box office successful movie: Dadar Kirti is a box office successful movie. At that time this movie was very popular. 

Attractive music  (Hemanta Mukharjee) : Hemanta Mukharjee was the music director of the movie. If you watch this carefully, the music must blackmail your heart. It will say 'Just feel the vocal.' 

Popular for its emotional connectivity: It must make you emotional when you watch this attentively.  

Usage of Rabindra Sangeet ( Charana Dharite, Ei korecho valo, Bodhu kon alo laglo chokhe, Guru guru guru guru Ghono Megho…) . I think the Rabindra songits are the heart of the movie. just feel the Sangit. 

Good representation (acting): Male and female character's representation is precisely attractive. What a good representation! 

Linear Narrative style: If you like a linear story , I would say just watch it and get pleasure. 

Shooting on location : It is  natural in shooting on location. 

No superficial action: You can not get any superficial or graphics here in this movie. Every scene or shot is natural. 

Professional and non-actors: The director has chosen professional and non actor who have cast skillfully.  

Why should you watch this movie?

Romantic cinema ( As a movie lover): If you are a romantic movie lover , I say you must watch this. without watching there will be a shadow  of the movie. So, as soon as possible just watch it. 

Linear narrative style: You can get a romantic story from this film. 

Emotion: Emotion is another characteristic of the movie. Emotionally attractive casting will make you comfortable.  

Good Representation: Good casting , skilled and nice performance will attract you.  

Rabindra Sangeet (Music): If you are a lover of Rabindra Sangit, You must this film. just feel and listen the vocal of Rabindra Sangit. 

At the eleventh hour, I  will suggest you watch this movie from this link. ....